Holiday parties are a lighthearted and fun way to enhance and improve company culture , which is even more important in a remote world. With in-person events canceled and never-ending Zoom fatigue, you may be wondering what your team can do to have an engaging virtual celebration this holiday season? Your teams can celebrate the past year in a connected and fulfilling way, while staying safe and distanced in a virtual reality party with Morpheus XR.

Here are five reasons to take your party virtual with Morpheus XR:

1. Keep attendees more focused and engaged than video conferencing:

Whether your team members participate via desktop or VR headset, our VR experiences are hosted in an immersive environment that allows people to move around and engage with each other at will. No one is held hostage to a zoom video screen listening to one person speak at a time. The interactivity of a VR environment captures attention and the spatial audio lets you move in and out of conversations just like you would if you were in person supercharging your employee’s level of engagement.

2. Create a custom event based on the needs and interests of their attendees:

VR experiences are highly customizable and can be made to be unique and authentic to your team. With our full menu of virtual venues, entertainment and interactive experiences, you can create a memorable experience based on the specific interests of your employees.

3. Unite office subcultures and provide unique opportunities for team bonding:

Holiday parties are a rare time for cross functional teams to interact with each other or with executives and upper management. In a VR environment, employees bond over the new and different ways they are interacting with things and each other. Creativity is sparked, and connection is more fulfilling – redefining how high performing teams work and play together.

4. Create an inclusive event where everyone feels welcome to engage and succeed in their own way:

A VR environment empowers employees to participate in the way that feels comfortable to them. It provides flexibility and customizability for individuals to get their unique needs met while ensuring they have full access to be present and connect with their team. Whether you have team members that are deaf, neurodivergent, recovering from an injury or those who identify as socially anxious or introverted, a VR environment allows individuals to interact in new, empowering ways, creating a truly inclusive environment.

5. Reduce costs and carbon emissions:

VR events can be more cost effective than in-person events and reducing travel helps companies achieve a lower carbon footprint, helping to create a positive impact on the environment. (With lower costs and no travel, you can increase the invite list to include everyone on the team!)

And with Morpheus XR, we make it super easy to host your event in VR. Our turn-key virtual reality experience is simple to set-up and coordinate, as we handle the delivery VR headsets, onboarding users, and we offer facilitators, entertainers and interactive experiences to support you in customizing an experience that is an authentic fit for your team.

Fill out the form to the right or book a quick 15-minute informational call and see if a holiday party hosted in VR is right for your team.

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