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Morpheus XR is built for work

With turnkey hardware procurement; onboarding concierge support; and large scale, custom event capacity, Morpheus XR supports your team to increase adoption and engagement.

Our concierge team’s turnkey headset delivery service and user onboarding and acclimation training ensures everyone can participate comfortably in the virtual world whether they’re a VR novice or seasoned pro. Enterprise team members, partners, and clients worldwide can slip on a headset or use our desktop application for a facilitator-led journey through meaningful experiences in virtual reality that deepen relationships, spark creativity, and empower individuality.

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We make it easy for you to enjoy meaningful experiences with your colleagues, building the trust and connection needed to work as a productive, reliable, and cohesive team no matter where you are in the world. Read our FAQ to see if we’re the right fit for your team.

What is virtual reality? How does it work?

The magic of virtual reality is difficult to explain to those who haven’t experienced it. So let us send you a headset and you can check it out for yourself. You’ll see right away the 360-degree digital world provides an immersive experience in which you can interact with objects and other people far more meaningfully than any 2-dimensional platform allows. You can have side conversations, you can gather together in groups – our virtual realities take your relationships far beyond the conference room, but from the safety and comfort of home. Whether you take your team to explore Mars or build a dream showroom for prospects, the possibilities are literally limitless.

What is an immersive demo like and how do we get started?

At Morpheus XR, we’re so sure you’re going to love the immersive experiences we host in VR, we want to get you into that world right away. Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule a 15 minute chat with an expert.
  2. If it sounds like a fit and you want to do an immersive demo, we’ll send you a preconfigured headset right away. (Can take 2-5 days to arrive based on location.)
  3. Once the headset arrives feel free to open up your box and follow our self guided orientation Enjoy a guided 1 hour acclimation and training session that’ll ensure you’re confident and comfortable in your new virtual reality world.
  4. Once you’re ready, enjoy a guided tour of the immersive virtual world that is the Morpheus XR demo; you’ll see a sampling of our experiences and learn more about how you could use VR within your team.
  5. If you decide VR isn’t for you, use the return label to ship your headset right back to us.
  6. If you’re convinced this is worth a try for your team, we’ll ship headsets to your team, get headset training on the calendar, and get to work on your first custom event.
  7. At the end of your month, we can start planning your next experience or you can ship your headsets right back.

What kind of virtual reality can I access during my trial?

Once you have your headset in hand, we’ll give you a guided tour of the Morpheus XR virtual reality experience. But it doesn’t stop there – we want you to get to know virtual reality, not just Morpheus XR. Your headset isn’t restricted in any way. In addition to the demo you walk through with us, we encourage you to use the headset to try out other VR applications and platforms as you please.

Once we have headsets, how do we get into virtual reality?

We’ll make sure each member of your team gets into virtual reality comfortably and with our full support. We offer one-on-one training sessions, complementing group onboarding, videos, tutorials, and ongoing tech support.

How long does it take to set up our first custom event?

The longest part of the process is getting your team outfitted with headsets and taught how to use them – expect 4-5 weeks to get everyone ready. The good news is, we put this lead time to work. While delivery and training is underway, we’re working with your team to design and plan your immersive experiences. Once your participants are ready, your custom event will be, too.

Can we create our custom showroom or product demo?

Yes! Even your standard HQ included in your Morpheus XR subscription is customizable with logo, color scheme, and images. But we can also create spaces, worlds, and experiences especially for you. Just talk to your account representative to get started.

Can people without access to virtual reality participate?

Inclusion is a founding principle at Morpheus XR – we’re happy to report that every Morpheus experience is accessible through a web browser as well. Immersion, interactivity, and quality isn’t as good as in VR, of course, but your team is together and that’s what matters most.

Is there a video in which I can see virtual reality?

A recording will never accurately portray the value of spatial audio and being able to connect with people in real time within a virtual space so we always recommend joining us for a “live demo” in either the 2-D desktop app or with a headset. Schedule 15 minutes with one of our experts today so you can give it a try.

How long do we get to keep the headset?

Sign up for a VR headset demo, and we’ll ship a headset out right away (usually takes 2 to 5 days to ship headsets depending on location). If you decide virtual reality is not right for you, use the included return shipping label to send your headset back to us within 2 weeks. (We’re pretty sure you’ll love it, though.) Sign a contract with Morpheus XR, and the headset is yours to keep for the duration – plus we’ll ship headsets out to the rest of the team.

What do I get when I sign up with Morpheus XR?

A contract with Morpheus XR grants you headsets for your team, training for everyone on how to use them, access to your virtual world any time you like, and 2 hours per month of Morpheus XR expertly guided experiences. Team connection and bonding like you’ve never seen, and corporate events come to life like no 2D format can do. You’ll wonder how your dispersed workforce ever went without it before.

How much physical space do we need?

Your event is tailored to fit. If you have a 8×6 room you’ll be able to roam freely throughout the entire environment; this is the coolest and most immersive virtual reality can get. But you can also be in VR comfortably without leaving your favorite sofa or chair. Sitting, standing, or moving around – our experiences are designed around you.

When you say custom experiences, how customizable do you mean?

Your Morpheus XR events can be selected from a standard menu of experiences (explore Mars or try an escape room, for example). Each of these can be customized with your brand colors and logo. For a new type of experience built just for you, developers are always at the ready – just talk to your account representative about costs and lead time to plan. We can also build experiences for as few as 5 people or as many as 500 if you wish, but we do find the experiences are most impactful when attended by 10-50 participants at a time.

Are conversations in virtual reality confidential and secure?

Absolutely. No one at Morpheus XR can see or hear what’s going on in your experience, and no recording is kept after the fact. What happens in virtual reality stays in virtual reality.

Do I need Facebook to use Morpheus XR?

A Facebook account is required to sign into a Morpheus XR virtual experience; users who wish to participate are encouraged to sign up with Facebook before the big day.

Virtual Reality Built for Work

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