Man holding VR headset VR experiences for your team
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Morpheus brings your distributed team to VR

  • Team-building
  • Skills development
  • Wellness
  • Co-creation
  • Presentation
  • FUN!!
Turn-key solution

From headsets to events space to programming - we cover it all for you.

Amazing experiences

Our menu of experiences includes games, meditations, speakers and leadership training.

Concierge service

One-on-one onboarding, in-person support and guidance for each user.

Virtual Headquarters

Welcome to your new virtual home, accessible 24/7 and customizable to your needs.

“More meaningful ways to connect with other humans”


Connect your team

Get together in a new layer of reality, exploring new worlds, bonding in unique shared experiences, having fun, creating art, chatting, laughing and learning. Because what is a team without bonds, and how to create them if not by being together?

Connect with clients

You get a new power tool to present and sell your products, impress your clients, partners, and press. We will help you prepare a presentation and help your guests and clients meet you in VR. Discover new ways to get ahead of your competition - the future is now, and you are invited!


Stefan Pollack, The Pollack Group

“Now this is a game changer”

XR Magazine

Ultimate Virtual HQ

Your new work environment in virtual reality is a highly customizable space that you can access 24/7. It includes meeting rooms, presentation spaces, meditation worlds, showrooms for your products and many more. It is designed to compliment and enhance your current workflow and allow you to meet your teammates and clients in a fun, productive and meaningful way.

Events and experiences


  • Teambuilding
  • Entertainment and adventure

  • Entertainment and adventure
  • Inclusion and diversity

  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Wellness

  • Wellness
  • Training

  • Training
  • Marketing and sales

  • Marketing and sales
    • Client reviews


      If you have more questions, shoot us an email to

      So how do we get into VR exactly?

      To make sure that each team-member gets into VR and feels comfortable, we offer one-on-one onboarding sessions, complimenting group onboarding, videos, tutorials and ongoing tech support accessible to our clients. 

      What is maximum and minimum team size?

      Minimum team is 5 people and maximum is 500 and more. We help you choose and optimize experience accordingly and our VR-hosts and guides will be in-experience to support your team no matter how large or small it is.

      Can people without access to VR participate?

      Yes, inclusion is one of the founding stones for us, and every Morpheus experience is accessible through browser as well. Of course, in this case, the immersion, interactivity, and quality of experience is limited, but it is a great way to invite more guests to your showroom, HQ or share a meditation experience together.

      How much, and what is lead time?

      Our standard membership is $100 per user per month. It includes 2 hours of facilitated experience a month and a standard HQ. It takes 2-4 weeks to ship headsets and onboard all team members into VR, so it is best to plan for first events more than a month in advance.

      Can we create our custom showroom or product demo?

      Yes! Even standard HQ is customizable with logo and images, but we can create spaces, worlds and experiences specially for you – just let us know what you need!

      How much physical space do I need?

      You can have full-room experience if you have enough space and this is the coolest and most immersive option, but you can also be in VR comfortably sitting on your favourite sofa or chair. Our experiences are designed to facilitate people seating, standing and moving around at the same time.


        Trial month

        Easy to cancel your membership before making longer commitments

        Unlimited access

        You get the device with unrestricted access to VR multiverse during the course of our engagement.

        Be present and immersed

        Meeting fatigue is real and in VR, participants are fully engaged with no multitasking or distractions by their phones

        Extend your reality.
        Step into the future.

        Discover a new face of your social and professional life.