Man holding VR headset Morpheus XR empowers enterprises to connect teams, partners, and clients in immersive, customized experiences. Immersive virtual reality experience platform for enterprise customers to:
strengthen workplace culture. connect teams. increase productivity. support work/life balance. REQUEST A DEMO

Why Morpheus XR?

Morpheus XR makes it easy for you to enjoy shared experiences with your colleagues, building the trust and connection needed to work as a productive, reliable, and cohesive team no matter where in the world you are. These are some of the ways our platform helps enterprises foster meaningful exchange.


Delight your team with fresh and unexpected shared experiences that make them feel energized, valued, and inspired to love the company they work for.


Supercharge your team's collaboration with virtual experiences that drive collaboration, productivity, and efficiency.


Include everyone while eliminating the cost and hassle of travel.


Foster an environment where work/life balance truly means happy, healthy individuals.

Support for successful team wide adoption

Morpheus XR makes it easy to add VR to your company’s tech stack. From strategy and programming to hardware and onboarding, we can have your company holding events in VR within 30 days.

Concierge onboarding

Our onboarding experts deliver headsets, conduct 1:1 and small-group onboarding, and even offer acclimation training to ensure everyone – whether VR novice or seasoned pro – can participate comfortably in your new virtual world.

A diverse menu of experiences

Whether it’s bonding activities like scavenger hunts and escape rooms, wellness pursuits with meditation and movement, culture building with diversity and leadership training, or facilitation solutions for your corporate events, we’ve got an experience that’s just right for you.

Custom Worlds and Events

Looking for an experience not on the menu? Perhaps you want to dazzle clients with a trip to space, or create a virtual showroom prospects can explore from anywhere in the world? Our experienced designers are waiting and ready to build what your business needs.

Enterprise-Grade Offerings

Turnkey hardware procurement; onboarding concierge support; and large scale, custom event capacity are just a few of the ways that Morpheus XR is supporting some of today’s largest tech companies as they venture to offer VR to their teams.

Keep your team engaged

Morpheus XR makes digital collaboration effortless.

There’s no zoning out in our world. We give your team a virtual reality environment that is immersive, fostering the full presence and engagement of all participants. The ability to read body language and use physical surroundings is restored, different personalities can communicate the way they like, and no one is “held hostage” on a video call, waiting for their turn. Your teams will thrive with a whole new way to connect and collaborate.

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    Unlimited access

    You get the device with unrestricted access to VR multiverse during the course of our engagement.

    Be present and immersed

    Meeting fatigue is real and in VR, participants are fully engaged with no multitasking or distractions by their phones

    Extend your reality. Virtual reality built for work.

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