This guide exists to help new VR users have the best experience with the accessories available for purchase. These accessories improve the experience beyond simply having the standard headset and controllers for the Oculus Quest 2.

•  Top Tips to Enhance VR Comfort
•  Must Have Accessories
•  Recommended Accessories


1. Give it time. Understand that learning VR is a bit like swimming. It can take some time to get strong “VR legs”. 5 sessions is a good average (depending on frequency, person and such).


2. Start seated. This way your body has less conflicting info to process and there is no issue maintaining balance


3. Teleport. There are several ways to move around in VR and teleport is usually the best for new users. However, it is less immersive — so with time you may want to teleport less.


4. Adjust your Blinders and Turn Settings. Blinders should be OFF since they tend to distract. Turn Settings – smooth turns are best for experienced users. Snap turns work similarly to teleporting and are better for beginners, especially when seated.


5. Air flow. Have a fresh air source in the room or/and an air stream from a fan. This helps the body to feel the direction better and cool you down.


6. If standing, you can use a small rug from our above comfort package recommendations. This lets you feel your standing play area with your feet and offers a great natural boundary. Select the “room-scale” boundary and then explore your world via walking around your (rug) boundary and teleporting only.


7. First experience parameters: seated, teleport, snap turns, 30 minute session max, no joystick or spawn flight for movement.


8. Second experience parameters: standing, teleport/walk, turn with the whole body, 45 minutes, no joystick for movement.


BONUS: Motion Sickness Explained


It is important to understand where sickness comes from. The body is confused when there is movement in VR that isn’t felt by your body, resulting in motion sickness. Over time your body gets acclimated to the VR motion. Following the tips above help reduce this discrepancy in signals and will prepare you for the most immersive experiences.


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These accessories make long term usage more enjoyable and less physically demanding.

16ft Link Cable for Oculus Quest 2

Currently, with the standard cable provided by Oculus, you cannot have your headset plugged in to charge while in use. Because of this, we strongly recommend that your Oculus 2 headset be accompanied by a 16 foot cable so that you can walk around your room while in VR.

Lens Cover Protector and Cleaning Cloth

During shipping or storage, the lens of the Oculus Quest 2 must be protected. Direct sunlight can cause the lens to go bad and require replacement. Also, cleaning the lens with anything except a microfiber cloth can scratch the lens. The resulting damaged lens can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for eye health during VR. All VR headsets from Morpheus come with a protective lens cover and microfiber cleaning cloth.