Mind-Blowing Corporate Events From Home

We Put the Virtual Reality in Your Virtual Team Building



With your team distributed remotely, all over the country and world now, there’s never been a more urgent need for your team to bond, socialize, and mingle.

The tragic irony, however, is that the very reason your employees are working remotely—the pandemic—is the same reason they can’t make social bonds.

Even though your need for team cohesion is greater than ever now.

Yet building a team-building event on Zoom, for a burnt-out workforce whose eyeballs are already falling out from Zoom fatigue, is like fighting burnout with a flame thrower.

Is there a solution to the vexing and urgent problem of team-building in the era of work-from-home?

Fortunately, now the answer is yes. It’s called Morpheus XR: your done-for-you, concierge 3D VR team bonding, and socializing experiences, on convenient monthly plans.

The pandemic is lemons for your team — so let’s make the best lemonade in the multiverse.

Together Wherever

Imagine your team hanging out in distant galaxies, engage in battle adventures as a team, solve murder mysteries, or any other incredible team bonding adventures and virtual venues we have for you.

In Virtual reality the presence is real. Your employees want to feel together – and there’s just no way to achieve that through Zoom.

With Morpheus XR, your team members receive the state-of-the-art headsets for ongoing use in weekly and monthly employee social meetups (and between!).

Together Wherever

Virtual reality social events and gatherings for workers are the wave of the future for corporate culture.

Never going back

We’re never going back to nearly everyone in the office. Work-from-home is here to stay for large parts of the corporate workforce. This is the new normal. Morpheus XR offers what will soon become a necessary and expected piece of your corporate culture. Do you want to be ahead of this curve, or behind it?

Skip the Headache- We Organize EVERYTHING For You

We do everything for you. We organize the experiences, keep the team engaged for regular events, host the events in virtual reality and provide ongoing technical support. Plug and play!

You could start having virtual social events in VR for your team within weeks. It will bring vitality back to your workforce, boost morale in challenging times, and make former-officemates feel connected and bonded again. And once signed up, we can do more for you:

  • Training and onboarding
  • Conferences
  • Recreate the office water cooler in VR
  • Virtual happy hour
  • Roundtables
  • Celebrations

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In this complimentary clarity call, we’ll go over exactly what your needs are, what challenges you’re currently facing in your team cohesion, what the nature of your team is and what kind of experiences and results you’d like for them, and how it might look like to work together on your next event. You’ll also learn how you can try all of this risk-free.

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Work-at-home is the new normal. But team burnout and isolation doesn’t have to be. Discover what’s possible with your own custom VR team social experiences.