The MorpheusXR Code of Conduct is a set of principles that, if adhered to, will allow for all MorpheusXR users to experience an immersive extended reality experience without defamation, intolerance, bullying, harassment, lewd behavior, or viewing of offensive content. The following policy document addresses MorpheusXR’s expectation of user behavior while using the MorpheusXR applications and environments, or while participating in a MorpheusXR-hosted event or experience.


Defamation and Intolerance

MorpheusXR is host to a diverse community of users that come from many different cultural backgrounds. Each community member has their own individual background, cultural practices, accents and mannerisms, belief structure and reasons for being in the Morpheus metaverse. As a community that is enriched by this multi-cultural environment, there will be no tolerance for displays of discrimination regarding any user’s race, gender identity, nationality, spiritual beliefs, physical abilities or sexual orientation. Any language or behavior that is intended to defame or injure another user will result in an immediate suspension of the user’s access to the MorpheusXR metaverse, and subsequent determination as to whether the account will be closed permanently.


Harassment, Bullying and Intimidation

Harassing behaviors, which include bullying, offensive comments/conduct, or discrimination, based on race, color, religion, sex (including sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination), sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin; age, or disability (physical or mental) will not be tolerated in the MorpheusXR. In addition, harassing conduct, where unwelcome verbal or physical conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s ability to comfortably participate in the MorpheusXR environment, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment, will not be permitted. If another user expresses that something makes them uncomfortable, it is your responsibility to cease that behavior. Continued harassing behavior will result in a suspension and subsequent determination as to whether the account will be closed permanently.


Lewd or Unwanted Advances

We understand that there will be situations where two consenting adults may develop a relationship of a romantic or sexual nature. Sexual or romantic language that is used when one of the individuals has clearly expressed they are not interested, will be considered to be a lewd or unwanted advance. This is considered to be grounds for account suspension or termination, dependent on the severity of the situation.


Disclosure of Personal Information

Community members are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy on the MorpheusXR platform. Sharing personal information about your fellow users without their consent — including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, alternate account names, and real-world location beyond what is provided by them, is not allowed, and may be grounds for account suspension or termination.


Inappropriate Content

Publicly accessible events and/or spaces may NOT contain, as determined by MorpheusXR, in our sole and absolute discretion, any content that is obscene or explicit, violent, defamatory, disparaging or illegal.  Users may not communicate, contribute or promote content that may reflect negatively on MorpheusXR. Public events and/or spaces containing such content may be flagged for review, set to private, or may be removed entirely. Sharing content of an explicit nature, such as pornography, gruesome violence, and offensive lyrics is not tolerated in public events or spaces. 

Mature content of any kind must be flagged as mature and must be set to private. No mature content may be publicly accessible. No exceptions. Any event or space that grants free and open access to all MorpheusXR users is considered “public” and may not contain inappropriate content or public portals to inappropriate content/events/spaces. Attempts to display this content will result in the suspension of the account, and potentially permanent termination.  

Lastly, we expect that users will choose a username that is free of inappropriate terms. MorpheusXR may adjust these names at its discretion.


Warning, Suspension, Banishment

Violations of the Morpheus Code of Conduct will first result in a warning, followed by Suspension and eventual Termination of the MorpheusXR user account. In-VR Morpheus representatives, experience facilitators or your own company supervisors, may address disciplinary problems with a temporary removal from MorpheusXR. 


Reporting Violations of the Code of Conduct

If you feel an individual has breached the MorpheusXR Code of Conduct, you may file an abuse report with the MorpheusXR Community Team by emailing Please include an explanation of the incident, the account names of those involved and the time and date it took place. The MorpheusXR Community Team will review the report and take the appropriate action. As a policy, we do not provide details of those actions to the reporter.