Morpheus: the one-stop-shop for enterprise VR needs

Morpheus: the one-stop-shop for enterprise VR needs

As remote work becomes the norm for many companies, virtual reality (VR) is rapidly gaining traction as a tool for fostering collaboration and engagement among distributed teams. However, the challenges of VR adoption in the enterprise are many, from the complexity of implementing the technology to the lack of immersive experiences tailored to specific business needs.


That’s where Morpheus comes in. Morpheus is a VR engagement platform that provides a one-stop-shop for companies seeking to cultivate a healthy corporate culture, reduce Zoom burnout, and future-proof their business. Morpheus has raised 2.4 Million pre-seed funding from Incisive Ventures, Primal Capital, DVC, among others, to provide Fortune 2000’s with high-fidelity immersive spaces, a marketplace of live, facilitated experiences, and VR services including headset distribution and white-glove onboarding.


Morpheus stands apart from other VR platforms with its customized consulting and stakeholder engagement process to co-create experiences that transcend the traditional 2D communication channels. Morpheus has provided team building, leadership development, diversity inclusion training, new-hire onboarding, wellness practices, as well as virtual sales pitch rooms for teams at Google, Meta, Shopify, Adobe, Gather, Randstad, Gensler, Biogen, RideAmigos and more.


What makes Morpheus unique is its ability to create visually stunning and customized VR solutions that provide practical value for enterprise teams. By leveraging the power of VR, Morpheus is able to help companies transcend physical boundaries, unite diverse talents, and empower teams to unleash their full potential. Studies show that in VR, people are 4X faster to train than in the classroom and 4X more focused than their e-learning peers.


Morpheus is not just a technological revolution, but a fundamental shift in how we collaborate and innovate. By providing high-fidelity immersive spaces and facilitated experiences, Morpheus is creating opportunities for enterprise teams to connect in VR today through high-quality live workshops on mission-critical topics. The immersiveness of VR offers a better space and a better way to connect with your team and your brand, solving the biggest struggle felt by all remote companies today – authentic connection and togetherness.


Morpheus is preparing for the future of VR with scalable activations that can grow as headset use develops. With Citigroup projecting that there will be 1 billion headsets in circulation by 2030, the potential for VR in the enterprise is enormous. Morpheus is well-positioned to help companies take advantage of this projected $13 trillion industry by providing them with the tools and resources they need to successfully implement VR and maximize its potential.


In conclusion, Morpheus is the one-stop-shop for enterprise VR needs. With its high-fidelity immersive spaces, facilitated experiences, and VR services including headset distribution and white-glove onboarding, Morpheus is revolutionizing the way companies collaborate and innovate in a remote world. By providing practical value for enterprise teams and helping them transcend physical boundaries, Morpheus is creating a future where authentic connection and togetherness are not just possible, but the norm.