Virtual Events

Morpheus is a next-generation VR platform for organizations seeking to hold virtual events, meetings, training sessions, and team-building activities.
Virtual events have the power to connect people on a deep level in an increasingly divided world

As the “new normal” continues to emerge around the globe, virtual events and remote experiences have become entrenched as permanent aspects of working life. Distributed and remote teams are here to stay, as employers recognize their massive cost-saving potential and employees favor the appealing work-life balance created by hybrid and offsite arrangements.

At the same time, these advantages come at a price. Colleagues and team members remain more physically divided than ever before. With work occupying a significant majority of the typical professional’s time, those physical divisions can contribute to alienation and inhibit team-building and collegiality.

Morpheus represents a powerful solution. Built on advanced VR technology, the Morpheus platform allows employers to host creative, richly detailed virtual events that facilitate novel modes of interpersonal interaction. Morpheus offers an escape from the banality of legacy platforms, affording enterprise users access to memorable, captivating, and adventurous group engagement solutions.

Morpheus facilitates uniquely branded virtual events on its cutting-edge immersive platform.
The immersive nature of the Morpheus platform makes it possible for businesses and organizations to create customized and branded spaces for holding virtual events. Its powerful flexibility represents the best of both the virtual and offline worlds, combining the excitement and energetic presence of traditional in-person interaction with the convenience and cost efficiency of the digital landscape.

The Morpheus metaverse platform functions across four key pieces of interrelated and interactive infrastructure:

  • The Morpheus VR App: This software tool represents Morpheus XR’s primary user interface.
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps: Mobile and desktop apps represent a second level of user interfacing, uniquely structured for accessibility and inclusivity.
  • Web Portal: Administrative features including configurations, data uploads, and invitations to virtual events happen here.
  • Servers: Technical hardware functions as the back end of the Morpheus metaverse and its authorization center.

These elements combine to provide enterprise users with access to pre-existing virtual spaces and event worlds, as well as their own unique private universe where anything is possible. In addition to virtual events, clients can use Morpheus to host virtual showrooms, product demonstrations, training facilities, and more in cutting-edge high fidelity.

To learn more about the Morpheus platform, and to explore the many ways users can leverage Morpheus to host uniquely engaging virtual events, please contact us to request a demo.