Virtual Team Building

Elevate the impact of your organization’s development efforts by shifting to more flexible, convenient, and accommodating virtual team building with Morpheus.
Morpheus empowers organizations to accelerate the impact of their development efforts through virtual team building activities.
Typical approaches to team building involve semi-annual or annual events, held in person at offsite locations that reflect a key theme or objective. A large majority of employers that regularly host team building activities follow this model, despite its known downsides:
  • Travel costs can add up to significant expenses, both for the employer and for participating employees.
  • Semi-annual and annual events have limited long-term impact, especially when they involve gatherings of participants that normally work in disconnected settings.
  • Scientific research shows that a majority of employee personality types have a negative attitude toward traditional approaches to team building.

Virtual team building offers a powerful solution to these disadvantages. Building and maintaining a positive culture can be very challenging when team building takes place at long and sporadic intervals. Convenient virtual spaces make it possible for employers to host smaller-scale events with greater regularity, building familiarity and continuity that forms stronger and more lasting bonds among participating employees.

Furthermore, the negative connotations some participants associate with team building largely arise from the contrived nature of many such activities and the predictable, uninspiring settings in which they take place. Virtual and extended reality team building shatters this paradigm by offering an endless set of creative and immersive possibilities that prioritize creativity, engagement, and fun.

The Morpheus VR platform provides customizable immersive spaces and a unique marketplace of virtual team building events.
Morpheus represents an ideal space for virtual team building. The platform delivers a cost-effective way to engage participants in an immersive metaverse environment that offers a huge upgrade over the banality that impedes the effectiveness of traditional team development programs.

By shifting team building to Morpheus, employers can leverage the known benefits that arise from hosting smaller-scale but more frequent events. These benefits include the critically important concept of psychological safety, which arises from routine and familiar engagements. Researchers have established links between psychological safety, innovative thinking, and performance improvements.

Morpheus facilitates innovative approaches to virtual team building that generate enthusiasm, bring colleagues together in novel ways, and build the kind of working environment that supports psychological safety.

Clients can build their own unique corporate universe on Morpheus or choose a setting from a built-in marketplace of fascinating experiences. To learn more, please get in touch with us to request a demo of the next-generation Morpheus VR metaverse.