Virtual Training

Virtual training offers cost-effective employee development that engages participants more effectively than legacy platforms. Learn more with Morpheus XR
The immersive Morpheus metaverse helps employers control costs and drive engagement with innovative virtual training solutions.
The post-pandemic move toward hybrid and offsite work has prompted businesses to explore alternative methods of conducting training sessions. With physical assembly in onsite spaces becoming much less common, many organizations have opted to hold virtual training sessions on video- and audio-based communication platforms.

While these platforms offer practical features including remote accessibility and cost benefits, they also have significant limitations. Session leaders have limited tools at their disposal with regard to information delivery formats, and participants tend to disengage before extracting full value from participating.

Virtual training on immersive metaverse platforms like Morpheus has been shown to drive much higher levels of participant enthusiasm. Research suggests that VR training programs create levels of engagement that are up to four times higher than those generated by both non-immersive platforms and in-person training sessions.

Create customized virtual training programs in a fully secure and brandable digital environment.
Morpheus facilitates virtual training programs in customizable, brandable, and immersive metaverse environments. Employers can leverage the Morpheus platform to build creative and unique professional development programs and virtual workshops. These VR environments can be crafted to closely replicate real-world settings and situations, or configured to thrust participants into exciting digital spaces that drive engagement by leading participants into exotic forms of unreality.

The strong and lasting impact of virtual training derives from the fully immersive qualities of metaverse platforms like Morpheus. While these sessions and development workshops help participants build practical and tangible skills, they achieve these outcomes in digital surroundings that transcend the everyday experience and empower participants to take risks and try new things in safe, consequence-free environments.

Virtual training also offers limitless customization options. Workshop leaders can integrate training tools and techniques like concept demonstrations, questions, and comprehension tests into an infinite number of possible settings, all of which are fully customizable, brandable, and safeguarded by elite levels of cybersecurity.

Drive your training and professional development efforts to the next level by setting them in believable yet exotic and fascinating virtual spaces. Morpheus makes it easy for employers to leverage the unlimited potential of the metaverse to take their employees places they cannot go in real life.

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