VR Training

VR training on the Morpheus platform enables employers to elevate the impact of their professional development programs while augmenting employee engagement.
A growing list of recognized experts believe VR training is the future of professional development. Is your organization ready to make the leap?
VR training uses immersive digital simulations to dramatize or replicate real-world scenarios. Participants acquire and develop the skills they need to successfully navigate similar situations in the course of their professional duties, all in creative and customizable digital environments.

Respected organizations and renowned experts in remote culture increasingly believe that it is a mere matter of time before VR training becomes a dominant professional development medium:

Organizations can gain an early-mover advantage by migrating their professional development programs to the VR metaverse. Consider the following major findings from this PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis:

  • Participants in VR training acquire skills up to four times faster than learners in traditional settings
  • Virtual reality-based learners are up to four times more engaged with workshop materials than those participating in non-interactive e-learning sessions
  • Those who take part in virtual training workshops apply newly gained hard and soft skills with 275% more confidence
  • VR-based workshops create emotional connections between participants and learning materials that are 375% stronger

The sum total of these trends can translate into significant competitive advantages for businesses that embrace VR training. Participants forge stronger and more powerful connections with learning materials, gain and apply skills with greater confidence, and enjoy themselves while participating.

The Morpheus VR training platform is the ultimate digital medium for innovative employers seeking to leverage the engagement advantages of the metaverse.
Morpheus offers organizations access to a fully customizable and brandable VR training platform with limitless possibilities. Clients can use the platform to create highly realistic simulations, or build unique and creative worlds that allow participants to hone new skills in a fascinating private universe. In either case, virtual reality elevates skills development from a static activity to a highly engaging, energetic, and memorable event with lasting value.

To learn more about VR training on the Morpheus platform, or to explore the unique features of Morpheus, please contact us to request a demo.